View Full Version : ANywhere close to Tulsa this weekend anyone game ?

08-01-2008, 15:22
Ok heres the deal I'm very much a novice diver the wife and i got certified about a year and a half ago went to Cancun did one dive and she decided she hated it and hasnt been willing to go since so I haven't dived since.
However Monday I am flying to Australia(short notice) for work and there is no way I'm flying all the way over there without diving on the reef, but Australia regs say I have to have a dive logged with in a year to go diving without a lot of rigimarole so I need to get a dive in this weekend.
I could go to tenkiller ( prob best) or Beaver or maybe even table rock or Ouchita if neccisary.
So anyone willing to dive with a desprate newbee this weekend ?

08-01-2008, 21:51
We have a group from our dive club going to Tenkiller Sat. and Sun. Click on the link at the bottom of my post. You can read our message board but can't post unless you are a member. But you can get all the info there. They are meeting at Gene's at 9:00 am