View Full Version : Dinving in El Nido - Philippines

08-01-2008, 14:58
Hello Everyone,
Thank you for this very informative forum where I hope I'll catch the attention of those of you who plan to dive in the Philippines someday. As I am setting up a dive center in El Nido, Palawan, I just wanted to give you the address of our website to know more about us. You'll be abble to get information on where is it ? How to get there ? And what will you find ? Our website is still under construction and your comments or suggestions will be welcomed. The opening of Palawan Divers (http://www.palawan-divers.org/) center is scheduled on the 5th of october 2008. I'll be on the spot by the 15th of August. Come and say Hi if you are in the neighborhood. Cheers.
Anywhere in the Philippines is a good dive spot !