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08-04-2008, 14:01
Scuba Shack and Brownstone Quarry in Portland CT are hosting a pretty cool weekend of demos, workshops, food and diving on August 16th-17th. There will be tons of gear to try including scooters, sets of doubles, etc, and some really good people around to help work out any issues with your diving. Ed Hayes will be there, and he's great at figuring out what's going on and straightening it out.

I know a bunch of us are tech leaning, and there will be a lot of North East tech divers there, so it's a good chance to meet some people, dive somewhere a little different, and play with someone elses toys. Oh yeah and 5 bucks off admission if you try out the gear.

Here's some of the workshops they have going on, and links to additional info

What GUE is all About
A presentation for those new to GUE or interested in finding out more. Covering the education, research and exploration activities as well as some of the history of GUE/DIR philosophies, equipment configuration and training.

Equipment and Skills
A presentation introducing the GUE Fundamentals course and the skills covered (including simple land drills) followed by an in-water practice session. This workshop will introduce divers to GUE philosophy with a focus on equipment configuration, balance, buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques.

For this workshop, each diver will be fitted with a Halcyon MC System - single tank Eclipse and double tank Evolve or Explorer systems will be available.

Wreck Survey
Divers and historians can learn a lot about a wreck from surveys. Learn about different underwater survey methods and then practice on one of the "Wrecks of Brownstone Park." With numerous wrecks in our local waters, these skills could come in handy. Non divers also welcome as same skill set is used for foreshore surveys.

Scooter Workshop
Introduction to scooters, and an opportunity to try them out. Land session covering the basics - general overview, setup, skills, dive management. In-water session covers adjusting tow cord & riding position, simple turns.

We anticipate this being a very popular session and it is intended for those that do not currently own a scooter.

Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Workshop
Discussion of the SMB procedure, and some advice on how to use them. Followed by an in-water session with opportunity to practice and try a range of different spools/reels and markers.

Line Laying Workshop
An introduction to the use of guidelines; including a land practical session covering team roles & positioning, primary & secondary tie-offs etc. Followed by in-water practice.

Propulsion Techniques Workshop
An introduction to a variety of underwater kicks, including frog kick, modified flutter, helicopter turns and more! Starts with land-based introduction, followed by practice at the surface, then underwater.

Communication Workshop
An introduction to underwater communication, including hand and light signals.

Fundys Checkouts / Evaluations
An opportunity for anyone that has taken the GUE Fundamentals course with any of the local instructors present to go for an evaluation or checkout dive. This will be an opportunity to do a checkout without necessarily putting a team together for the dive. By appointment only.

http://ne-ue.info/content/view/44/42/ (http://ne-ue.info/content/view/44/42/)

http://ne-ue.info/content/view/46/42/ (http://ne-ue.info/content/view/46/42/)

Hope to see some of you out there.

08-04-2008, 22:02
Thanks Caroln. I wouldn't know when any of these demos were happening if you didn't post them . Thanks for keeping us update.

I was just at Brownstone this weekend. As expected it was cold and dark. (43 degrees @ 47 feet-brrrrrrrrr), but a good time was had by all. (Thanks to Sansho and Firebrand). Hopefully I will be able to make on the 16th.

Doe anyone know if there is a posting of the time for these workshops?

08-05-2008, 16:41
Here's the link to sign up for any workshops

http://ne-ue.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=46&Itemid=42 (http://ne-ue.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=46&Itemid=42)

08-05-2008, 18:31
And here is the scoop direrctly from The Scuba Shack's site. Sounds like a great program!

Join the Scuba Shack team at the First Annual Scuba Shack Picnic (http://scubashackct.com/news/2008/20080804_picnic_at_brownstone.htm) August 16 and 17 at Brownstone Park. This is not going to be your normal picnic, but you're welcome to bring a potluck dish.

It's not normal since along with food and drink, there will be many activities going on at the park that weekend.

Halcyon Demo Days - try out new gear and see what diving DIR is all about.
Global Underwater Explorer (GUE) Workshops - Plenty of learning opportunities all weekend.
Saturday Night Presentation by Jarrod Jablonski, president and founder of GUE at 5 p.m. on Aug. 16.
Scooter Test Rides and more!There are eight workshops scheduled each day (Saturday and Sunday) plus the ability to complete the GUE Fundamentals checkout dives at the park.
You should register for workshops in advance at the Northeast Underwater Explorers Web site here (http://ne-ue.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=46&Itemid=42). Workshops include What GUE is all About, Equipment & Skills, Wreck Survey, Scooter Workshop, Surface Marker Buoy, Line Laying, Propulsion Techniques and Communications.
Bring your family since the park (http://brownstonepark.com/) has great swimming activities plus zip lines, cliff jumping, water toys and two wakeboard runs.
If you have friend that want to try scuba diving, Scuba Shack will be providing Discover Scuba programs on both days - all day!

08-05-2008, 20:40
Sounds like some nice sessions, great opportunity to find out about GUE and DIR. Unfortunately, I'll be away that weekend and will miss it :smiley19:

08-07-2008, 13:18
Here's some additional information for y'all. Hope to meet/see some of you there!

Two new NEUE Workshops have just been announced. We are going to have an absolute blast at the Halcyon Demo Days and NEUE Workshop Weekend (http://ne-ue.info/content/view/48/42/) on August 16-17.

Complete description of all workshops, schedule and registration can be found here. (http://ne-ue.info/content/view/46/42/) Advanced registration is recommended to reserve your spot.

The two new workshops are:
Wreck Survey
Divers and historians can learn a lot about a wreck from surveys. Learn about different underwater survey methods and then practice on one of the "Wrecks of Brownstone Park." With numerous wrecks in our local waters, these skills could come in handy. Non divers also welcome as same skill set is used for foreshore surveys.


Introduction to scooters, and an opportunity to try them out. This workshop covers the basics - general overview, setup, skills, dive management, in-water adjustment and riding position, turns. Barrel rolls and loops optional. We expect this to be a very popular session and is intended for those who do not currently own a scooter


This is in addition the Intro to GUE, Equipment & Skills, Surface Marker Buoy, Line Laying, Propulsion, and Communication workshops that are planned. Fundamentals checkouts are also available.

Remember, the Demos and Workshops are free with admission to the Park. There is even a $5 admission rebate if you demo Halcyon gear.

Non-Diver and Family Friendly
WOW! Is there a ton to do! Lots of activities at Brownstone Park including cliff jumping, kayaking, ziplines, swimming. Scuba Shack will be offering 1 hour Discover Scuba session for non-divers. Contact Brownstone Park (http://www.brownstonepark.com) or Scuba Shack (http"//www.scubashackct.com) for more details.


This looks like it will be the NE social gathering of the season!

REGISTER for the workshops today! (http://ne-ue.info/content/view/46/42/)

08-13-2008, 12:41
Just a reminder that this is coming up this weekend. I can't even dive, and I'm excited for it! The workshops should be great, I'm really looking forward to at least listening in on the land based portions of those. I am bringing the whole family and making a day of it. Hope to see some of you guys there :)

08-13-2008, 13:18
This does sounds really great, unfortunately I'll be away. I would love to start getting some exposure to the DIR / GUE & more technical stuff. So how is the diving up there?

08-13-2008, 13:49
I've only dived there with classes, so I'm looking forward to a proper tour when I'm allowed to dive again. They have a nav course that looks really good. I'd say it's a bit darker than Dutch because it's Brownstone instead of Limestone, but that probably makes it ideal training grounds for local wreck diving.

08-13-2008, 19:53
Sorry but I have classes at Dutch afterall so can't make it.

08-13-2008, 20:23
Sorry but I have classes at Dutch afterall so can't make it.

Oh that stinks. I was hoping to see you there. Oh well. Will you be at Dutch the following weekend? I'm hoping to be back to dving then.

08-13-2008, 21:39
Pretty sure I will be at Dutch then also.

08-14-2008, 07:14
Pretty sure I will be at Dutch then also.

Very cool. I'll be back to recreational gear, or a single tank anyway. I think I'm gonna have to start all over after being out of the water this long. We'll be back at the start of last summer all over again, and you'll have to remind me how to dive :)

08-14-2008, 07:19
Doubtful, you'll be back where you were in no time!!!