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08-07-2008, 07:33
I went out to The Dive stop yesterday afternoon to meet up with another diver whom I had never met before. She was supposed to get out there around 5:30pm but I decided to just head out there early and if there were other divers there to dive with then great and if not I would just sit and read my new Wetsuit and Drysuit book from Vance Harlow. I got out there around 3:30 and found Dave and another diver (Joe)ling a new training platform. Joe had to take off shortly after I got there so I asked Dave if he wanted another hand and off to work I went. The new platform is a floating platform. It is about 15 yards infront of the main dock and foating about 10 down from the surface and about 15 ft off the bottom. Vis was actually VERY good out there. Probably the best that I personally have seen. When Dave and Joe were working I could see both of them when there were near the bottom, so I would agree that there is probably about 20ft of vis. It was a lot of work helping out with getting it tied down, and I was only in the water for a little over an hour with Dave and he had been in there most of the day before I got there. I got in the water wearing my drysuit but I did not put on any gloves or my hood. The water temp at the surface is in the mid 80's. Just a few feet from the surface it is probably in the mid 70's, but man when you get below 20ft the temp just dropped. I was showing between 61 and 65. I had never been in water that cold without some sort of hood on and man did it hurt my head.

We finally get everything finished up around 6pm and when we surface my new buddy is there. So I made sure that I went back to my truck to get my hood and gloves before we got into the water. Even with all the work that was done on the platform the vis was still pretty good. Dave and I had really muced up the bottom below the platform but it was not bad at all in the rest of the quarry. There were a lot of particles in the water but it did not affect the vis that badly. probably the worst vis that we saw was about 5ft and that was just in a couple of spots. At the pickup truck (which I think is in 25ft of water) at the back of the bed I could see all the way up to the front of the truck, all though it did start to get a little hazy just before the front of the fender. I would not hesitage to say that we had 15 to 20ft. There were some bass checking out the new platform and lots of bluegill swiming around the main dock area.

Dave said that they had put some limestone in the quarry to help with the silt. One of the spots that they put the limestone is where they get most of their runoff and he is hoping that it will help with the vis after a rain. I did not think to ask if they got any rain out there last night or this morning, but if they did it sure seems to be working.

They are planning on putting another floating dock in over by the other dock sometime soon. It is sitting on shore right now, so I do not know when that one will go in.

I had a good time out there last night, and I am going back on Fri after work to get a few more dives in.


08-07-2008, 11:33
Great report Phil! I've been wanting to do a weekend trip up there. Do they have air fills on site yet?

08-07-2008, 12:06
No nothing on site... He is working on it though. I would gues that the compressor will be out there soon... If you are going to come up let me know. It is only about 40 min from my house. I will try to come out and do another dive with ya...


08-07-2008, 14:15
I'll call them and see what an ETA is on the compressor, and we'll plan a trip up. We'd want to make a weekend of it to be worth the drive, and I really don't want to haul that many tanks. I'll give you a call when we get something planned.

08-07-2008, 15:07
Even if they do not have their compressor there are shops that are not to far from there. Well one is about 15 min and the one that I frequent is about 30. It would be a little more of a pain in the a$$ but could be done. I know that Dave is REALLY wanting to get the compressor out there and running.


08-07-2008, 18:51
Keep me in the loop if you plan something. I might be able to get away. I'm busy the next 2 weekends, but after that if you head up (or over) there let me know.