View Full Version : Video lights for digital photography

08-15-2008, 17:08
Has anyone tried the various rechargeable video lights for their digital shots. The idea seems cool because there is no fiber optic link & you can see the illumination before taking the shot. If it works, it would simplify photography since synchronization would not be a problem & would make a nice floodlight to spot under ledges & in caves.

08-16-2008, 14:37
true but video requires much less light than still photography. If you want to shoot at a lower iso that is. Flashes have the advantage in that they can have a much higher output but it is only for an instant or else the bulb tends to burn out. Actually if you talk to old time studio photographers there was a time when they used to use a lot of hot lights instead of flash for the same reason you propose. But with newer flashes that method was made obsolete.

08-16-2008, 19:38
They would be fine for a spotter light,