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08-15-2008, 18:28
I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. I haven't been real impressed with our local dive shop here in Houston and was just curious what some of your recomendations were on LDS here in the Houston area. I love ST for most all of my gear and since I am in Houston it is normally only a day or day and a half to get my stuff. However, for small stuff that you don't really want to order or for things like renting tanks, or classes I really need to go through a LDS. We have been using Sea Sports Scuba and some of the folks are really nice but they tend to have very high pressure sales and are very anti internet. Maybe they are they best there is but I would like to hear some other opinions.

08-15-2008, 22:15
I went to college in galveston, so i had to go to houston area for my dive shop needs and i always had pretty decent luck with discover scuba. I think they have two locations, one in clear lake and one in houston proper. Now i haven't been to those shops in a couple years, so take that for what it's worth (probably nothing :)

08-16-2008, 08:14
It's worth nothing :smiley2: as they have closed down a few years ago.

08-16-2008, 11:37
I have used Houston Scuba Academy in the past but the MSRP only prices and the pressure sales thing was a no go. I use Maximum Scuba on SH146 in Seabrook now.

08-17-2008, 08:24
Heres a list pulled from some other posts, hope this helps.

Sea Sports Scuba - http://www.seasportsscuba.com/ (http://www.seasportsscuba.com/)

Gigglin' Marlins - http://www.gigglinmarlin.com/ (http://www.gigglinmarlin.com/)

Kickady Scuba - http://www.kickadyscuba.com/ (http://www.kickadyscuba.com/)

Scuba, Inc. - http://www.scubainc.com/ (http://www.scubainc.com/)

Scuba Houston - http://www.scubahouston.com/ (http://www.scubahouston.com/)

Houston area SCUBA Dive shops (http://www.bayareadivers.org/dive_shops-houston_area.htm)

Sport Divers, http://www.sportdivers.com/ (http://www.sportdivers.com/)

Divers Paradise www.dpscuba.com (http://www.dpscuba.com)

W. W. Diving www.wwdive.com (http://www.wwdive.com)

Since you are in Houston try checking out Gander Mountain (http://www.gandermountain.com/storelocator/storedetail.asp_Q_store_id_E_106)on 45 North in Spring. It may be a bit of a hike but they have a pretty large SCUBA area with a good selection of items from multiple manufacturers. There are some good shops in Houston but you'll probably have to drive a little for some better service.
Gigglin Marlin (http://www.gigglinmarlin.com/index.html) - Never been to their shop but want to, I did meet a couple of their employees/divers diving at Aquarena and they were really nice.
Hydrosports (http://www.hydrosportsscuba.com/) - the dive shop in Lake Jackson for Mammoth Lake, Brand new store Pictures look great.
WW Diving (http://www.wwdive.com/index.cfm) - Another little hike to Humble, this shop comes highly recomended from a good friend of mine (yet another I would like to visit.)
Kickady SCUBA (http://www.kickadyscuba.com/index.html) - is in the Woodlands and is run by a really nice family that just loves to dive, and they have a Tiki-Bar IN THE SHOP!!!
Houston SCUBA Academy (http://www.houstonscubaacademy.com/) - I'm pretty sure this is the oldest dive shop in Houston, I got certified through a sister store (now defunct) back in 1989, there still in buisness so they must be doing something right, good size store and they're a Scubapro dealer (best regulators in my opinion.)
Also check out the City Of Houston Underwater Mariners Social Diving Club (http://www.chumclub.org/index.php) - or CHUM for short, a great group of fun loving divers in the Houston area who dive a lot and have monthly drink-er-I-mean meetings at the Stag's Head Pub (http://www.stagsheadpub.com/)near downtown.