View Full Version : More "D" rings!

08-18-2008, 18:30
I want to add some more "D" rings to my Ranger. Not that I'm unhappy with the ones that are there, just that I cannot find a spot that I like to put my computer, I've tried all 4 on the shoulders and I just am not comfortable with any of them, clipped on my right lower shoulder is almost right but not quite.

Does anyone have any ideas of where and how to add more attachments?

I've at it for a while today and just don't have any clue where to put one or better a few.

I thought about on the strap that clips over the Velcro "cumber-bun" around my waist, and I could put one there, but that won't really do me any good. I may just have to make do with what I have.

Any thoughts :smiley5: