View Full Version : Cater Lake

08-21-2008, 12:21
Well I have been here twice but not diving yet. The office said you can dive. Has anyone been in the water here? It looks like a fun place with several areas of no wake. :smiley20: I have purchased a home in Estes Park and hope to get in some local diving.

Heavy D
03-07-2009, 20:16
I assume that you mean Carter Lake. I plan on diving it if I return to CO. I've been there a few times but never dove it.

05-08-2009, 07:38
My son and I did our AOW at Carter last summer. It was a big change for us since we had done all our diving in Hawaii before then. The low visability was the hardest thing to get used to, but it taught us to stay close together as dive buddies wich is always a good thing. Water temp was about 70 at the surface, but dropped to lower 60s after the thermocline at about 15'. All in all we had some fun dives there. I plan to go again this summer. Have fun with it and let us know how it goes. :smiley20: