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08-13-2007, 08:13
I used my Suunto Stinger on Nitrox for the first time at the weekend and could not find a way to display Oxygen exposure other than the bars indicating on the right hand side of the screen. Even when surfaced when I looked at the log, it did not seem to give me a percentage figure. It was only when I downloaded the dive log later on did I see a percentage given.

Does anyone more familiar with using a Stinger on Nitrox know how I can display my current oxygen exposure as a percentage rather than a rising bar? I'm not so bothered during the dive (the rising bars are fine) but I want to be able to see it during my surface interval.
I cant find anything in the manual that makes it clear.


08-27-2007, 22:07
Surely there must be someone out there using a Stinger on Nitrox? Please help, Suunto helpdesk have been crap so far.

I also heard a equation today that was a new one on me. They said that you can use a 75 minute rule with Nitrox in that your oxygen exposure will 'half' every 75 minutes, ie if you surface from a dive with 60%, you will be 30% in 75 minutes, 15% in 150 minutes, etc etc.

It seems a very simplistic way to look at it, but is it one of these rough guides that actually is not far from the truth?

08-28-2007, 09:29
Did you happen to read the manual? They have them on line if you lost yours.

That said I do not think you can as I have never done it on my Vytec. I have also never heard of the 75 min rule.

08-28-2007, 18:39
I have read the manual and it doesnt make it very clear. The manual needs some work in my opinion.
In addition to that I have had some very weird readings from my Suunto Dive Manager. Suunto have confessed that they are having problems with the Dive Manager Software and that a new version out in the fall sometime will be a quantum leap ahead in accuracy. In the meantime they have reassured me that the information displayed on the Stinger is good, just not the downloads.
Still no word on the oxygen exposure as a percentage, but I am waiting for another email from the Suunto Diving Product Manager to confirm.

08-28-2007, 21:29
Never figured it out on my vyper, never needed too.

Realistically you'll run out of bottom time before you load up your O2 clock. In my limited experiences, it's hard to get that thing up there.

08-29-2007, 19:45
I know its very difficult to rack up enough oxygen exposure on a computer but its become a mission to find out now. I think that the info is just not there and maybe thats because its practically no use.