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08-29-2008, 14:02
A few friends and I are looking to dive Anacapa Island. We are considering using the Raptor (http://www.raptordive.com/) out of Ventura, CA. Are there any good or bad reviews of this dive op?

Thanks for your help with this.

11-26-2009, 23:42
Hey, I'm ok with the Raptor. Though i have heard of some buddies crappy experiences on the boat.
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01-29-2010, 11:54
dove Anacapa off the boat "Peace" from Ventura years ago don't even know if it still exists but I enjoyed it very much.
nice crew although the diving wasn't that great due to poor visibility

01-29-2010, 12:42
I haven't been on it myself, but my friends who have gave mixed reviews on the Raptor. Nice folks, but the boat isn't optimal for SoCal diving.

The Peace (http://www.peaceboat.com/), on the other hand, is quite simply the best dive boat in SoCal.

01-29-2010, 16:03
after looking at the pics on their webpage it seems as though i just caught it on a bad day. the pics were awesome may have to think about going back someday

01-29-2010, 16:35
Well, I guess I can give a quick report on how the dives went on the Raptor. Bear in mind that I started this thread over a year ago.

The Raptor is fast and can accommodate a lot of divers. At the time, the boat seemed quite new. The layout of the boat was well organized in terms of tank and diver placement. There was a large central table inside that could be used for camera setup. Everyone in our group (10 divers) rented the LP95s that were on-board. The tanks had the nifty DIN/yoke valves with the yoke insert installed. Our regs are all DIN, so naturally we wanted to pop out the yoke inserts. Unfortunately, we could only remove the yoke inserts for a couple of the tanks. Most of us ended up using our DIN-to-yoke spin-on adapters. Not a big deal, really. I was surprised by the response that we got from the crew, though. It seemed as though they'd never seen a DIN regulator before.

We dove Cathedral Cove, Outer Winfield Scott, and Landing Cove West. As I recall, Cathedral Cove was a very shallow site. The topography was ideal for the basic OW students doing OW Dive #1: a sandy bottom at about 15 fsw. The site reminded me of a La Jolla Cove Dive with slightly better vis (approx. 25 ft.). IIRC, Outer Winfield Scott was our favorite dive of the three. Really neat boulder structures but still not that deep (my profile had a 50fsw max depth). We saw a few bat rays, morays, and a very inquisitive seal. Cathedral Cove had beautiful, thick kelp that you could swim in and around (35fsw max depth). Near the rocks/cove area you could see _very_ large lobster. If I were to do this trip again, I would specifically request that we visit at least one site that had stuff in the 60 - 100 fsw range. I can understand why we did all of the shallow dive sites, though, because of the newbies on-board.

One thing that I really didn't like was the interaction that we had with the captain during our 2nd surface interval (we ended up doing 3 dives). He really rushed us back into the water. Our group was the only one aboard that was doing 60 minute dives...and typically we prefer 1 hr surface intervals in-between dives. After noting the gate times, we asked the captain for a few extra minutes on our surface interval. He looked at his watch and said, "OK, I'll give you 10 more minutes from now." He must not have been feeling very generous because that 10 minutes was still within the gate time that he had already announced. I was a little annoyed, but we rolled with it.

On the bright side, the food was quite good and drinks were plentiful.

My take on the Raptor is that the boat services two specific dive populations: (1) the beginner/student crowd and (2) the time-sensitive diver who has to be back on the mainland by 3pm on a Sunday. I don't know about you guys, but I hate being rushed on a dive boat. I'd rather do two 90-min dives at a good dive site than three hourlong dives at crappy sites. If you're an experienced diver, you might find this dive op lacking. That's just my take on things.

Hope you guys find this report helpful...

01-29-2010, 17:33
Whoops, sorry BT, didn't notice the thread was so old. :smiley9: