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07-11-2007, 06:40
I have the tank set to CF, all the other numeric values are in US format...but the consumption is in metiric. Is there any way to get the air consumption to display CF/min instead of L/min?

07-11-2007, 16:54
Give it a light beer and tell it that it's in the States now...
<DIV>It looks like if you press &lt;Mode&gt; for 2 seconds and then go to "Set4" it should be the tank setup screen. Select cubic feet instead of liters and you should be in business.</DIV>

07-17-2007, 23:39
Bill - I had that same issue. What stinks (besides the manual that comes with that computer) is that replacing the batteries resets some settings like date, but it keeps the dive log. That's crazy! Also, once you get into the log mode, I can't get out without taking the battery out or waiting about 15 minutes for it to shut off. Other than those little things, I think it's an awsome computer - especially for the money. You just really need to check your settings before going down.
<DIV>Do you know if the software (IRIS) is available anywhere for download? Or is there license issues...??</DIV>

07-25-2007, 13:09
First post! Glad it's to help someone out-
<DIV>You can download the Iris software from Mares website here-</DIV>
<DIV>It's the "Iris v.2.3 full setup" link</DIV>
<DIV>http://www.mares.com/download_computers.php?region=USA (http://www.mares.com/download_computers.php?regi&#111;n=USA)</DIV>

ScubaToys Larry
07-25-2007, 13:14
Welcome QuicknDirty and thanks for helping out!

07-25-2007, 13:35
Well great! Thanks for the link, but when I try to install it - I get an error that I don't have the right operating system. I am running Vista. Thanks Bill Gates! I even clicked "Properties" and run as XP SP2. It got a little further, but then puked out again.
<DIV>I do not have the IRIS yet. I was hoping to see the log features though. I guess it won't work with Vista. We are still saving for the download cable and one more Airlab setup with regs. I guess I'll try it on an XP box unless you think it's not worth it..???</DIV>

09-30-2007, 12:04
Hi- just did a search on "Mares Iris" and it directed me to this thread.
I just got a used Dacor Darwin Air on ebay, which is identical to the Airlab.
I replaced my Suunto Favor S, which was totally dependable, but I wanted some more bells and whistles, specifically the nitrox cabability.
Just a comment on the "liters per minute" setting- I think that is pretty much the universal standing for measuring breathing- you can't really compare it to your tank capacity, even if you were measuring that in liters, because the breathing rate is standardized by the computer to be independent of depth- does that make sense? Even when you're breathing significantly more air at depth, the computer reports it to be comparable with your surface rate.... I think that the lung icon is probably the most useless display on the computer, but then, I haven't dived with it yet.
I agree the manual is pretty sparse. I printed up my own summary card to put in my dive bag, and downloaded the online pdf to my laptop, which I take with me when I go on dive trips.

Oh, and BTW, just hit both buttons together for about 2 secs to get out of any screen, including "plan". :smiley2:

I saw somewhere on the net that you could build your own Iris interface- does that ring a bell with anyone? Might be fun to try....

11-20-2007, 18:20
I have been diving with the airlab for a few years now (initially it was the Dacor Darwin but it started going wonky under warranty so Mares sent me a new airlab) and I find the lung icon to be one of the best features...big lung...using too much air...small lung....less air consumption ergo longer bottom time. The algorithm is conservative (I used to have a suunto wrist I wore as well) which keeps me from pushing too far on any given dive and let's me dive more per day on multiple dive days without feeling it too much. The litres per minute is a pretty standard formula and once you realize your different rates it helps you focus on slowing down your breathing and adjusting your trim etc. You do have to get used to the buttons and they are scroll one way (I think the new Nemo's let you go foward and back through the menus) but once you dive with it for a bit it becomes more intuitive. There is also some good support on the SB forums in the Mares area. cheers.

11-20-2007, 22:26
My airlab decided to leak into the battery compartment and puke the batteries all over the deck. Scubatoys said that Mares doesn't make it anymore and that they had a trade in program for it to the mares nemo wide.
Good Luck

02-12-2008, 17:23
Does anyone know if the Airlab log can be cleared

02-18-2008, 11:03
Does anyone know if the Airlab log can be cleared

Hmmm, don't think so. Maybe when they factoryfurb it...