View Full Version : Cayman Aggressor IV

09-03-2008, 21:40
Anyone recently been on the Cayman Aggressor IV? I'm not stressing about the conditions caused by Gustav. Rather I'm just looking for information about the boat, the crew, and obviously the diving. I'm assuming that they'll seek out the best diving available along all 3 of the islands. How often are they not able to make the run to Little Cayman?

Any and all trip reports would be appreciated.

09-03-2008, 22:04
Did it back in May of 2006. Really enjoyed it. Spent most of the time at Bloody Bay Wall which was fine be me. The boat was good and the crew and food were very good. In fact the cook back then seemed very familar to me and it turned out she used to work on the Peter Hughes Boat the Wind Dancer out of Tobago which I did back in May of 2005. Wonder where/when I'll run into her again.