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08-13-2007, 13:22
going on vacation in october to gatlinburg...is there anywhere to dive near here?

08-13-2007, 13:36
Low Loch Minn quarry is off I-75 before you get to knoxville.

Philadelphia Quarry is in the same area, sorta.

You'll pass Dive Haven coming up from FL. It's in north GA.
www.divehavenga.com (http://www.divehavenga.com)

I'd maybe contact some of the knoxville dive shops for more info on other places.

Back in the days of all we had in forums was rec.scuba, I remember popeye being from Gatlinburg area and diving the local streams. You could always try to find out something about that.

08-20-2007, 06:55
There is an old bridge in Chilhowee Lake that is completely submerged and intact. The top surface of the bridge sits in 15’ of water; the bottom of the deepest part is about 45’. It is easily reached form shore.

Don’t forget your wetsuit/drysuit most places up here to dive are somewhat cold even in the summer.

If you let me know if you are looking for a lake or quarry dive I might be able to get you to some good places. I live NE from there in Dandridge, TN.

10-27-2007, 20:25
ended up diving @ loch low-minn quarry. last wednesday. the site wasnt open but stacy low let me and my brother in law dive anyway. surface temp was around 70 and bottom temp in the trench (72 ft) was 58 viz was around 30 due to rain .stacy low said the viz sat before was around 50ft. quarry was very nice with lots of objects on the bottom, deer,boat,platforms . a good break from florida spring dives.:smiley20: