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09-08-2008, 08:39
We dove with Lake Travis Scuba for this years cleanup.

We were assigned to the main portion of Devil's cove (smack in the middle).
We had 7 divers on board and one surface support.

We were in 33ft of water and the visibility was surprisingly good (4-10ft), that is until you picked up the first can and then everything silted out. The trick was to keep moving forward as you put cans in the bag. There was no shortage of cans and we were all making frequent trips to the surface to drop off full bags and get new ones. We didn't find anything too too valuable. Several anchors, sunglasses, Mardi Grass beads, boat mirror, & 23 bags stuffed full of cans, bottles, and other assorted trash.

The LCRA boat came by to unload our trash as our last divers were getting out of the water. After we unloaded we scooted over to Carlos & Charlie's for the get together.

The get together was a lot of fun. Talked to a lot of friends that were at other parts of the lake, and met a lot of new friends while we were sitting around eating. There were some nice prizes given away at the raffle. Regs, an Oceanic computer, several sets of masks, fins, snorkels, OW, AOW, & master diver lessons, wet suits, and more.
Can't beat a free meal, t-shirt, prizes, and great company! After the raffle most people headed toward their boats to make the journey home.

On the way back Robert asked if we wanted to stop off at the Old Scuba Park since most of us still had a fresh tank. HECK YA!
Robert was kind enough to give us a guided tour of everything that had been mapped out thus far, which was extensive. The vis was great for a Sunday afternoon, about 10-15ft. We dropped in on one of the large sailboats, then cruised over to the 3 story house boat. The house boat was quite an impressive sight to see underwater. We did a short swim through, which was pretty easy as it is pretty spacious inside and there are large window down the entire length of the cabin. After that we moved to what looked like a shrimp boat, car, more sailboats, a boat that was collapsing in on itself, and finished up with another house boat.
There are lines going to each of the sights we saw, which makes it easy to move around, although a bit confusing at first. The Scuba Park was a great change of scenery after diving Windy Point and Mansfield all summer.

Depth was 25-55ft, temp 84, vis 10-15ft.

Was one of the best days of diving I've had this summer.
Many thanks to Robert for volunteering his boat for the cleanup, then taking us on a personal guided tour of the Scuba Park.
I'll certainly be going out with Lake Travis Scuba very soon. :smiley20:

Hope everyone else had a great time at the Cleanup. LCRA said that we usually remove about 5 TONS of trash from our lake every year!

09-08-2008, 08:41
Way to go---nice job gang!!!!!!!

09-08-2008, 14:47
Thats awesome!! Good job on helping clean up the environment, and having fun while doing it. You're pretty lucky vis was so good as it is usually kinda murky this time of year.