View Full Version : Table Tutor

09-10-2008, 18:42
Thinking I try the Table Tutor off the Scuba Toys site since I need the practice. After downloading it and trying to open it my STOPzilla spyware program pop up saying it was spyware and would not allow me to run it. Has anyone else run into this.

ScubaToys Larry
09-10-2008, 20:35
First I ever hear of that! I wrote this thing about 14 years ago with VB3 - really long before there was any such thing as spyware... so it's up to you, if you want to shut that off, then install it and see if it runs... but there was not really even an internet when I wrote that thing!

09-11-2008, 05:25
Larry I stop the program and was able to install the Tutor and it ran just fine so I then started my Spyware program again and all seems OK. Got me why it was doing this. Also would like the unlock codes this program really going help me a ton since I not used this in almost 11 years.