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09-14-2008, 08:47
Does anybody have experience diving any wrecks that are on the east coast of florida, but more northern than the popular areas like ft. lauderdale, boca, etc? I really want to get out to a wreck that's off the beaten path like the USS Muliphen which is off of St Lucie. I am worried about getting all the way out there and experiencing a wicked current. Has anybody done this particular wreck or a similar one (e.g. i believe the sister ship is sunk off martin county)?

09-14-2008, 10:18
We do Boynton Beach, Jupiter couple times a month.
Couple of the off the path wrecks that we do are the;

Skycliff (205fsw)
RB Johnson (270 fsw)
Guy Harvey (145-150fsw)
Castor (115-120fws)
Budweiser Bar
the Hydro Atlantic (175 fsw)

Current is a crap shoot on any of the wrecks. It can be little to no current one day, then rip your mask off the next day.

Deep ones you will need trimix for the bottom gas.

09-20-2008, 10:35
yes, we did a Boynton wreck, Capt Tony with max depth of 84', one day back in 2005. Current was strong but it was an excellent dive and we would do it again. We used Splashdowndivers and thought they were good. :smiley20:

We also did a group of wrecks down in Boca-FLL area (United Carib, Scutti/5wreck trek, Ancient Mariner) and thought they were equally good. We used Seahorse dive but understand they are no longer in business. Too bad, great boat and capt.