View Full Version : Extensions and Diving?

09-14-2008, 13:54
Dont know if this sounds really stupid. I have strand by strand (fusion) extensions. I have been reading all the posts about long hair, and will definitely follow the advice. However, can I dive with these extensions? I am going to be in Roatan for about 3 weeks in December. I am going to get my rescue!! I was there a few months ago, getting my advanced, and it was wonderful. Tyll's Dive Shop is highly recommended!!
Anyway, back to the subject, any ideas on the extenions???

09-14-2008, 21:35
Welcome to the forum!! I have no experience with extensions, but maybe your stylist would be able to give you more info. As long as they are sealed and stand up to washing & such you should be fine.

09-21-2008, 16:42
Thanks for the response. I talked to my hairdresser, and she basically said the same, since they are so easy to wash and dry and otherwise like "normal" hair, she had not hints or tips. I was just hopping to get advice from a diver that has been "through" this before. I am going to spend 3 weeks on Roatan, and hope no disaster happens to my head (grin):smiley13: