View Full Version : Dealer prep list

09-14-2008, 20:25
Is the little yellow card that comes with zeagle bc's usually signed? I trust that everything was checked, but I'm breaking in my Zena next week in Cozumel & can't get to the pool before leaving. Thanks :)

ScubaToys Larry
09-14-2008, 20:32
We always do a full check on everything before it leaves... BC's are inflated, the inflater is checked, check straps, leaks, etc... Regs get flow rates, IP, crack pressure etc all checked.

So if it came from us... it's been checked out. We don't bother with the sheets the manufacturers use as we do more testing than they suggest on all items.

09-14-2008, 20:36
Wonderful! Thanks Larry for putting my mind at ease. :smiley20: