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09-18-2008, 22:36
I wonder why this BCD is so looked over...
I think its a great bc, only digfference from the ranger is that it doesnt have twin hook ups and 3" shoulders. Is that a big deal to people? MOst people who buy the ranger brigade dont plan on doublesso do 3" shoulder straps make it for them?
On the odd side, my concept II came with rear trim pockets and a built in lumbar pad, witch is about 80 bucks when you add it to a brigade.
Just my 2censts but worth a thought

09-18-2008, 22:51
Maybe because the concept is more expensive then a ranger? Used you would find it much cheaper but the same can be said for a used ranger.
Thats just my assumption though

09-30-2008, 21:28
pretty sure the ranger is more money

09-30-2008, 22:09
i have a ranger and i am planing on diving doubles thats why i choose to go with it

10-12-2008, 22:14
the concept has and does everthin sept dubs. But I wouldnt dive dubs without a bp/w set up, wouldnt ever do it with a soft bc. My .02. I just dont like it, I dont do it much but I tried it bolth ways and wont do the soft bc ever again.

10-13-2008, 08:16
(Not sure how I missed this thread before today)
I've used a Concept 2 for about 7 years, and I agree with Brewer. I really like it.
I had heard about the Ranger, and Zeagle regs., but not the Concept 2.
I got mine by "dumb luck", when my old BC ripped 2 days before a dive trip. My LDS carried the Zeagle line, and a C2 that fit was on hand. I liked the fit, but was concerned about the back inflate/integrated weights that were both not a part of my old BC. The shop owner had me follow one of the salespersons to the pool where they ran some of their smaller classes, so I could try it out. I did, and I bought it.

10-15-2008, 22:47
Cool part was that it had the lumbar pad and trim pockets. Strange tha tteh cII por only has 2 sizes big and small. but it works.