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09-23-2008, 04:49
Hey Everyone,

I was just wondering if you could help me out with some information about diving around WA?

So far the plans are for a December/January trip, possibly the 10th to the 10th respectively.

Any ideas about good dive sites? I don't really want to go any further North then Ningaloo Reef and I am driving across from South Aus so anything along the way is fine.

I am going to be looking through some Scuba Divers magazines and get a list but I was just wondering if anyone could give some ideas of good dive stores to go to, good sites etc..

Thanks In Advance

09-23-2008, 09:56
Hi Alchemist, if your after a good LDS in WA speak with Tory at Coastal Water Dive in Bunbury, Tory does some great dives off of a purpose sunk wreck near bunbury, used to be a patagonian toofish vessel that was intercepted and captured in Australian waters and now is a dive wreck

The HMAS Swan is always a good dive off of Dunsborough as well as Rottnest Island who have regular charters from Perth Diving Academy.

Another good early dive is the sunken barge off of Sorrento (Genesis) and you can book in through the dive shop, Mindarie Dive.

If your into hunting or just diving in fish rich environments see if you can score a dive off of the Abrolhos Islands west of Geraldton.

Then there is Ningaloo well there aint much after that as this is one of the great dive sites in WA along with the Exmouth Jetty which used to be a USA Submarine base in the cold war as well as UHF/VHF transmission site when that technology was invogue.

Hope this helps all the best mate.


09-28-2008, 19:04
Thanks for that info. I have listed those on the list plus others.

Any one else with info is welcome to post it.....