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09-28-2008, 02:00
Hey everyone,

Just recently returned from my first visit to Hawaii and was able to do some amazing diving while I was there. I was in Maui, and for the first time I tried my hand at underwater photography. I have a Canon SD750 with an Ikelite housing. I did not have a strobe, but had so much fun with my camera, I am now beginning to look for a nice strobe set-up.

I tried to edit some of the pictures that I took with photoshop elements, but it is also my first experience using that program! I was hoping for some constructive criticism and some pointers on how to better edit my pictures.

Here are some before and after pictures of the ones that I've played around with so far.

Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance for any help!!!


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09-28-2008, 02:08
Here are a few more turtle shots. I took about 400 pictures over 6 dives, and so far have only edited a few, but just wanted to make sure that I was on the right track!!!

Thanks again!!!



09-28-2008, 07:23
G'day Matt,

Some great shots for your first time. I like the Green Turtle upclose shot.

I think you will notice alot of difference when you start to use a strobe for extra light output onto your subjects. This will provide a better shot close up and less editing would be needed.

Have a play around with some editing of your shots. Since your not using a strobe I wouls start with playing around with the colour balance. Take the greens outs and put some reds in (thats what I normally start with) add some blues too. Then maybe play with the levels and darken the background. Have a play and see what looks good to you. thats the most important thing. Its got to look good to you.

Another thing to play with is if you have a great shot and the colour isnt working for you is to turn the shot into black and white. This simply makes the shot look interesting and there isnt the need to edit the colours to make it look good.

Keep taking heaps of shots and play with different settings and see how you go.

Regards Mark

09-28-2008, 08:37
Great Photos! Thanks

09-28-2008, 08:43
i'm no photo expert, but those are great pics, especially after your editing! thanks for sharing!:smiley20:

09-28-2008, 10:49
Good shots, nice color correction.

fire diver
09-28-2008, 17:06
Great shots! Be careful though, UW photography is addictive and more expensive than a coke habit.

In fact, you may be better off just starting to smoke crack right now.

09-28-2008, 19:05
Great Shots!! Congratulations, you seems to have a great eye for photography.

These two are fantastic.


09-28-2008, 21:04
Great first shots - composition is nice, and sharp focus. The puffer shot and the turtle with the crossed arms (which is really nice) have a little too much color added (the red area on the beak of the turtle - for example) to look natural. That shot is worth playing with some more, as it is a really nice capture.

You're right on, you need an external strobe to take the next step - that will add the reds you are missing, and you won't have to make such dramatic corrections post processing.

A good strobe is the one thing that can transition with you as cameras continue to advance. If you plan to stay with Ikelight housings - the DS125 or DS160 has sufficient power to shoot wide angle (but are pricey) - or the DS51 is a really great little strobe for macro (and half the price, with AA batteries). Ikelite has a nice TTL option on several cameras that have a hotshoe for a sync cord - but don't have a really clean optical trigger option (they require an additional external controller).

The Inon 240Z is probably the most versatile strobe on the market right now (it has an outstanding TTL with fiber optic connection) - light weight, powerful, AA batteries, quick recycle time. You can also trigger it with a sync cord if your housing has a hotshoe. Not a cheap strobe, though. The Inon D2000 is less expensive, has most of the 240 features, but is only optically triggered. This is becoming less of an issue, as new DSLR housing are starting to offer optical as well as wired bulkheads (if you think you would eventually go to a DSLR).

And finally, Sea and Sea has the new version of the 110. The old version had some trouble making optical triggering sync with some cameras, this is a nice strobe if it works with your camera (what I use, but I use it hard wired). The new version is just released, haven't heard if they fixed the issues or not. They also have the SX27, an optically triggered strobe.

10-05-2008, 12:32
Hey everyone,

Thanks for all of the replies! I am still playing around with Photoshop trying to get all of the coloring down, but I really understand the importance of a strobe now! I have begun my hunt for a good strobe, and appreciate the recommendations bversteegh.

Also, fortunately enough, I can't even start a crack habit if I wanted to because Maui, SCUBA, and UW photography has decimated my bank account!

Here are a few more shots that I have that I figure i'd post!

Thanks again!!

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10-05-2008, 16:00
Excellent first effort without a doubt. Keep posting up your shots, cuz I'm always on the lookout for additions to my screensaver collection.

10-05-2008, 17:53
Cool shots!! I like them all! Yes, underwater picture taking is the same as crack. Ok, ok, maybe we're a little worse than that. :smiley36:

10-05-2008, 18:18
Good Job. Very impressive...much better than my shots :smiley11:

10-05-2008, 22:07
Nice shot! I really like this photo, very dramatic.
Good luck on the strobe(s) hunt. Remember to get a good strobe setup, it will most likely outlast your current camera and move on to the next camera set up.

11-20-2008, 14:58
Great shots! Be careful though, UW photography is addictive and more expensive than a coke habit.

In fact, you may be better off just starting to smoke crack right now.

Utterly true!

11-20-2008, 15:00
They all came out great for a first timer. The one thing that caught my eye was the color correction on the turtles in your first post... a bit overcorrected toward red, I think.

11-20-2008, 16:27
I just don't get bored looking at turtles.

11-20-2008, 16:55
You took some really great pics.

11-21-2008, 01:55
You did a great job for your first pics.

Definatly a natural at it.

I got photoshop for dummies and am hoping it helps me more with the color correcting. I'll let you know if it was worth it.

11-22-2008, 18:03
that turtle in the 2nd picture has attitude!

That's a compliment!

11-22-2008, 21:52
Here is one of my early photos, of course they're all early only my seconds dive trip with the new camera and strobe.http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3032/2885767125_4dc7c942e4_b.jpg