View Full Version : DUI Demo at Brownstone

09-28-2008, 13:50
Anyone go? I was there all day Saturday. $8 for the ticket (included BBQ lunch), and $15 to get in the place. It rained most of the day so I think that hurt the crowd.

Lots of DUI people were on hand. Took about an hour to get measured and choose a drysuit and get the hose installed on reg. There was about 5 instructors on hand for all the non-drysuit certified people. DUI people were recommending 300g insulation, so everyone was dying on the land.

Got in the water and fought with learning the buoyancy on the drysuit. Water was 63 degrees to about 20 feet. People who went to 80ft claimed 41 degrees. The instructors led us on a tour of sunken boats by following a rope. Visibility was pretty crappy, and with the amount of people in the water, it quickly deteriorated to almost nothing.

Did 3 dives total in 2 different drysuits; overall, I'm not too impressed. Staying a constant temperature was nice, but I don't think worth $2500. They gave us a great catered dinner followed by a slide show, and giving away small prizes. Overall, worth the experience.

09-29-2008, 05:19
Thanks for reporting about the event - I'll need to watch the schedule for the next time they do that.