View Full Version : September Dive Report

10-03-2008, 09:23
I am sorry to everyone who missed our September Dive. The first dive of the day was absolutely amazing. When I arrived there were 3 different classes going on, so parking was kinda limited. I contemplated leaving Marrietta Landing and seeking a less crowded dive spot, but I ended up staying right there. I made the first dive before most of the classes got wet. The first thing I noticed was the visibility. This was the first time I could really see. The vis was at least 15'. I began my dive going east from the landing. I saw several large bass and perch. The water was a warm 75 degrees at 36'. I stayed around the 36' mark for the dive since the vis was so good and it was still very bright. I continued east and found what looked like the remnants of an old dock. I could see the old wooden frame structure and rusted metal drums. I then continued east and found myself in a school of fish. There were probably about 30 fish, liiked like bass, all swimming together. It reminded me of a bait ball. They were circiling around me. I could see them from above my head to below my fins and completely surrounding me. I tried to stay and motionless as possible just enjoying the moment. The fish continued to circle and I wished so much that I had a camera, and for once the visibility was good enough I could have probably even gotten some pictures. Then suddenly the fish were gone. They disappeared as fast as they appeared. Excited about the moment and disappointed that it was over I continued my dive to the east. Once I had been in for 20 minutes I hit my mark to turn back. I then headed back west varying my depth a little shallower. I saw a few more fish, but the rest of the dive was pretty uneventful after the school.

Dive number 2 I headed west from the landing. It was pretty obvious by this time that the calsses were in full swing. The swilt was all stirred up and vis was back to what I am used to, just a couple feet. There were several places were it was alot less than that. I tried to get as far away from the landing as quickly as possible, hoping the vis would improve. It did to some degree, but nothing like I saw on my first dive. Dive number two was very uneventful, seeing only a couple small fish.

For dive number 3 I decided to head east again, hoping it was be as spectacular as the first dive. The vis again was nothing special. Everything was so stirred up. I went back and again found the dock and continued east from there. I knew they would be gone, but I still had a glimmer of hope that I would run into the school of fish again. Of course I didn't. I continued east until my air reached a point that it was time to make the turn back. I went back west just enjoying the dive, but not seeing much new, or seeing much with the silt all stirred up. I got back near my exit point and began my 3 minute safety stop. While hanging out at 15' a curious perch began checking me out. It swam right up to my mask. I held out my hand in a fist and the curious perch pecked at my finger. The interaction with that little dude was fun. It is amazing how some fishes curiosity overcome their fear. The perch eventually got bored with me before my safety stop was finished and it took off and left me there alone. I finished the stop then made my exit. I was so thrilled that I had the opportunity to make that first dive this morning.