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10-03-2008, 21:34
:smiley20::smiley21:Most manufacturers offer a choice of Latex or Neoprene. Why would you choose one or the other ? Thanks for your opinions, Ron

10-04-2008, 17:04
Neoprene is warmer on the neck, latex is colder. Latex IMO makes a better seal though. neoprene might be tougher as well.

I use Latex on my drysuits and like it.

10-04-2008, 18:09
Seal is the most important thing, and latex seals better than neoprene, generally speaking. Neoprene is tougher and easier to repair, and some feel it is more comfortable. But seals with neoprene are generally a good bit finickier than latex.

For those who get cold REALLY easily, or dive exceptionally cold waters, I can see the attraction of neoprene (also for anyone with latex allergies), but latex seals tend to outsell neoprene by a large margin.

10-04-2008, 23:28
As the others have said as a general rule the latex will seal better. That said though usually when a latex seal goes bad it is the end of your diving for at least that day. Unless you have zip seals and happen to have an extra seal on hand. Neoprene seals rarely go completely bad. They may start to slowly leak over time but very rarely completely blow out. I too have hear people say that the neoprene seals are more comfortable. I personally did not think so. I have only dove neoprene seals a few times and really did not care for them. I felt like they had to be much tighter than latex seals to get a good leak free seal. They certainly are warmer. If I was doing a LOT of ice diving or in water real close to ice temps then I may want a neoprene neck seal, but even for the water in the mid 40's that is real common around me the latex seal is still plenty warm for me.

So for me, my choice is latex....


10-05-2008, 01:19
I've grown to prefer latex.....easy fit and easier repair....but you can feel the cold through it.

10-05-2008, 07:35
One other thing I've noticed with neoprene seals is that you have less freedom of movement. It's a bit harder to turn your head IMO.

10-05-2008, 15:13
Latex for me. Although I get rash and itchy red spots but I rather have freedom.

Charles R
10-11-2008, 14:03
Latex, If you get cold where a hood with a longer neck that will go over the latex. wirsts are easy where dry gloves.

10-11-2008, 15:17
I have not really noticed the lesser degree of freedom of neck movement in a neo neck seal....both are good though. For me neo is warmer....tougher and more comfy.....the only times I have broken the seal are 'twice' in my early dry suit days when I bent my neck to far downward to look through my legs backward at the diver on my fins, like you might in a wet suit.

11-03-2008, 00:03
I prefer neoprene neck and latex wrist seals for many of the reasons stated above: neoprene is warmer and imho, less prone to leaking. It'll take a heck of a beating too...

I just always make sure to fold mine back over on itself so that the smooth side is against my skin, then reach underneath the suit and check the seal to make sure that there's no wrinkles and that the inflator flap isn't caught in my neck seal.

My hood also seals pretty well against the neoprene neck and I seem to get hardly any water transfer.


11-26-2008, 14:02
latex seals all the way. neoprene is to bulky

11-26-2008, 14:32
how often do you have to change latex seals? Is it part of routine maintenance, or do you change them after they show signs of wear?? A drysuit that i rented this weekend had latex seals that appeared to be worn, but they did not leak..If that was my suit, I probably would have changed the seals a while ago....

11-26-2008, 14:46
Some people are alergic to latex so neoprene would be the only option.

01-18-2009, 17:58
I have always dove latex but, seems like neo would be more durable, I tried on a suit with neo. seals and thought they were comfortable, I have to replace my wristseals on my suit so I think I will try the the neo....

01-19-2009, 07:05
Here is a question for you Neo neck seal people... I just got a second drysuit that has a neo neck seal on it. Now I know that you have to fold it for it to seal, but this seal seems so darn long. Even with it folded in half it still sits higher on my neck than I really like? So my question is, can it be trimmed??? I would like to cut about 3 inches off the top of the seal so that when I fold it in, it is not sitting all the way up at the top of my neck...


01-20-2009, 10:42
Yes, neoprene seals can be trimmed. If you trim it, it may change the fit a bit (make it a little looser). Three inches seems like an awful lot. I'd start slowly and take off a 1/4"-1/2" at a time. Dive it between trimmings to double check. Easy off - hard to put back on.


01-20-2009, 17:27
Yes, neoprene seals can be trimmed. If you trim it, it may change the fit a bit (make it a little looser). Three inches seems like an awful lot. I'd start slowly and take off a 1/4"-1/2" at a time. Dive it between trimmings to double check. Easy off - hard to put back on.


Thanks Dave, I will trim it just a bit at a time, just like I did my Latex seal. I figured it could be cut but just wanted to make sure first... Like I said that thing is so darn long, that it really dives me batty...

I see you are from Alaska. I have a buddy that lives up there that I want to get up and see some time and do some hunting and some diving... If I ever make it up that way I will give you a shout. My buddy is not to far from you down in Klawock...


01-22-2009, 12:30
Good luck with the trimming!

Sometime in your life you have to visit Alaska, The Ketchikan/Prince of Wales/Misty Fjords area is gorgeous. (warning - you may never leave - that's what happened to me).

Klawock - while only about 300 miles from Juneau, is about 15 hours away via two ferries and a 25 mile road. So close and yet so far away. I've never been there. From what I've heard, it's beautiful and really has the true SE Alaska feel to it (including 120 inches of rain per year). May and June are typically the "best" weather.