View Full Version : Fine threads on inflator/ bladder

10-03-2008, 22:19
The nut on my Rangers inflator hose and its counter part have what seems to me very fine threads for a plastic connection. Any way the nut will jump threads easily when in reaches the bottom of its travel , even with very little torque. Anyone else have this trouble ? It may be that one of the fittings is over or under sized. I put a couple of wraps of teflon tape on the male threads and it seems to be OK , but I would be interested if anyone else has had this problem.

10-03-2008, 22:26
Does it appear that the threading is stripping? Maybe you should take it in to an authorized dealer/repair shop and have them inspect it for safety's sake.

10-03-2008, 22:30
I looked them over pretty close and couldn't see any damaged threads.