View Full Version : R there Local Indy Diving Spots?

10-06-2008, 11:13
Okay GRRR. I just found out that my trip to Indy for this weekend is being cancelled because my friend is traveling to INDIA. For 6 weeks. Since we had great 50 yard line seats at the Colts game, I am quite bummed. :smiley19:

Hopefully, I will eventually feel sorry for the poor sod.

Anyway, I have my NON REFUND airline ticket in hand. Before I cancel the whole weekend, can anyone recommend a dive location within, I dunno, an hour or so drive of the Indy airport?

Preferably South of Indy - I'm from Detroit and don't want to drive half the way home. Plus, the odds of the weather being warmer than Detroit increases greatly.


10-06-2008, 14:32
Screw it go to the game....Im in Northern Indiana but I suppose there are some dive sites around Bloomington/Nashville IN area but not sure.

Doug B
10-06-2008, 19:45
The website sucks, but the quarry is decent:

Welcome to Blue Springs Scuba Diving (http://www.bluespringsscubadiving.net/welcome.lhtm)

Maximum depth is about 55 feet when the water is at "normal" levels. The claim good visibility, but it's normally about 10-12 feet. The best I've ever seen it was about 25 feet of vis. Water temps are around 70 at the surface, and 45 or 50 degrees at the bottom.

Lots of stuff to look at, air fills on site, $20 cover charge, there are some coke machines, but nothing else.

The quarry flooded early this spring, a creek was overflowing into the quarry during a period of very heavy rains. At one point the water looked like chocolate milk, and was 25 feet higher than normal. I'm told that the quarry is back to 'normal' levels now, and viz is back to normal, but I haven't seen it with my own eyes.

Also, check out this website

They list some local diving sites.