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10-07-2008, 13:03
I've just gotta brag for a minute. This weekend I was at Trashfest and was diving with a large group with primarily Mares and Oceanic BC's. These weren't cheap BC's either, they were all top of the line. After one of our dives, a man came out of the water with a weight pocket about to fall out. Later at the banquet, I learned that 2 other divers in our group lost weight pockets and fortunately someone found them and returned them. All my husband and I could think was that would NEVER happen with our Zeagles. It is a fool proof system that in my oppinion is far superior to the others out there. You always hear the main reason for not wanting to purchase a Zeagle BC is because the weight system is too hard to thread. I personally feel that is a joke. I have had my Zena for a year and have not had to re-thread it once. Not to mention the fact that if you ever have to dump your weights...re-threading is going to be the least of your worries. Anyway, just wanted to give everyone another reason to purchase a Zeagle BC.

10-07-2008, 13:40
Dang....we need to use that testimonial on the website!!!


10-07-2008, 14:18
Be my guest! ;)

Diver Kat
10-07-2008, 15:14
Right there with you Foo2 ... I've had my Zena for almost 6 years now and my hubby has had his Escape for a bit longer ... the only reason I've ever rethreaded the weight system, was for the heck of it! And it's so darn easy! I like that there's no velcro to wear out or stick to everything, no snap-together parts, and no pockets to lose! I don't know how many times I've seen people searching for their weight pockets - and a few who discovered they forgot to bring one of them! Mine are built right in - no worries there! Zeagle Rocks!!! :smiley20:

10-07-2008, 16:02
Ditto, have had my Zena for 5 years and honestly gloated when my husband lost a weight pouch out of his SeaQuest BC. Didn't take long for the SeaQuest to hit ebay and a brand new Zeagle Ranger LTD to show up for him. ;)

Bet I've found in excess of $250 worth of weight pockets (calculating at $25 a pop) on the ocean floor.