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08-15-2007, 19:08
This is the sixth time I have dove the Kona area. I have dove with Jacks a couple of times and Big Island Divers three times, this year with Kona Honu Divers. I had heard rave reviews about Kona Honu divers and I do believe they have the best Dive Guides/Instructors I have dove with in Kona and the boat was great…But was mixed with snorkelers, new and experienced divers, specialty divers etc on the boat. One day we had about 20 people on the boat plus crew. I resist using the term cattle boat as the staff really busted their butts trying to make you happy. If I had not paid for the week’s dives with Kona Honu, I would have probably gone over to Big Island divers. They have a smaller boat and only divers on the boat (or the ones I’ve been on) plus you can rinse your gear and store it at their shop. Kona Honu did store my BC and Wetsuit. Kona Honu is a great operation along with Jacks, I just like smaller groups. Kona Honu is supposed to have a smaller boat arriving in November catering just to divers. If I come back to Kona, I would use them again only if they have the smaller boat in operation.

The diving in Kona was nice but uneventful, great visibility not much in the way of marine life. I could tell a noticeable lack of Marine life from the previous years I have dove here…perhaps many of the fish became Sushi. When asking about lack of Marine life and seeing small boats with fishing nets near the dive sites I was told that was an ongoing issue with the State to try to stop it along with restricting spear fishing. Another thing I noticed were snorkel operations out swimming with the Dolphins I counted at least 4 different boats that had snorklers in the waters and another 3 or 4 that looked like they were waiting to jump in as they were chasing the Dolphins…..the Dive ops frown upon this as they consider it harassment of the Dolphins (which there are laws against)….The operators get by with saying they are some type environmental study group or the Dolphins came up to their boat. The highlight of the trip was the Manta dive….the first night we were skunked, the other night I went out….was the most incredible Manta dive I have ever done (I have done eight Manta dives in six trips to Kona) that night….Ten Mantas plus Big Bertha came in…WOW! This dive alone is worth the trip to Kona….This year the water was a bit cool, temps ranged between 79 to 81 averaged around 80 degrees. In the past years, I have enjoyed 81 to 83 degree water temps mostly averaging 82 degrees. Once again, the one Manta dive was up there with any of the best dives I have done at the Blue Corner or in Fakarava.

08-15-2007, 19:12
Be glad you're not there right now :). Between the earthquake and the hurricane, the Big Island isn't having much fun. My parents have a condo on the water in Kona. I still haven't heard if they sustained any damage, but it's flooded before from high surf.

08-15-2007, 19:23
I flew out Monday night....just a little air turbulence:smiley3:

08-15-2007, 19:52
You run into any sea lice?

08-15-2007, 20:00
LOL...Yeah I think it is time to get that full body skin.

08-15-2007, 20:54
Now, which side of Kona did you dive on?