View Full Version : Mares MC-1 Battery cover broken

Devil Diver
10-14-2008, 18:04
Somehow the battery cover for my nephew's Mares MC-1 (circa 2004) developed a hairline crack underneath the o-ring. Luckily my wife and I both have the Mares Airlab, and the cover fits, and since my wife wasn't diving, we were able to get by.

Anyone know where I can get a replacement? Joe? Larry?

Although I didn't buy the MC-1 from Scubatoys, I did use it to get my airlab.

The shop here that carried Mares is no more.

ScubaToys Larry
10-14-2008, 18:27
I stumbled upon this - but everyone please keep in mind - I cannot read every post in every thread. If you want to post something like this - make sure you email or PM Joe - so we can get you an answer. And I'm sure we can come up with one. Just shoot an email to info@scubatoys.com and ask Joe what one would run. We might have them sitting there, or else we'll get one in from Mares.

Devil Diver
10-14-2008, 19:44
Done Larry, thanks!