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08-15-2007, 23:19
I'm looking to do a day or a couple of days at Lake Mojave in September as I hear that the vis is better than my closest dive site of Lake Mead. I would be grateful if anyone with experience of this site could recommend some good spots to start from. I notice one company does charters, is it worth it or am I better sticking to shore entries?

Thanks for the advice in advance.


09-05-2007, 21:56
ive heard there is a school bus down there along with a few other things that are accessable from shore, but i dont know where they are at all

you might want to try over on the las vegas board

09-07-2007, 23:07
I'm looking to do a day or a couple of days at Lake Mojave

If you have several days, why not dive in the Pacific Ocean? It's only a few hours drive time from the lake

09-07-2007, 23:53
The school bus and van are at Cabinsite AZ. (near Laughlin).

09-08-2007, 00:09
I went to have a look at Cabinsite point last week. The visibility was much better than Lake Mead but a bit colder (65deg). Saw the bus, a truck and a small speedboat. It was a good change from lake Mead and only an hour and thirty from Vegas.