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10-20-2008, 13:33
I'm about 2.5 seconds from ordering one from Joe. Does anyone here have this particular BCD? From everything I have seen it's a great piece of equipment. Did anyone find anything negative about it at all?

I *think* I'm a small based on trying them on before, does anyone have fit recommendations (ie fits big or small?).


10-22-2008, 07:14
Okay, I have a Zena, not a LaZer, but Scott fitted me into one at a dive show a couple of months ago, and I was VERY impressed with how it fit and felt. You simply can't go wrong with the quality of Zeagle products, so feel confident in purchasing.

Best advice for sizing, have your measurements for Joe and he'll mix and match if necessary to customize your LaZer's fit to you. Then if it arrives and isn't quite right, he'll keep mixing and matching and sending you components until it's right. Of course you'll have to send back the pieces that don't work... ;)

10-22-2008, 22:53
I have two sized Lazers at home right now to try and have a Stilletto on the way. I really liked the shoulder fit and absence of a vest (girls too big for the vest on the zena to be comfortable), but for me, the cumberbund sat too high, right up under the breasts. But I am tall, 5'10, so I think if I was an average height girl it might have been perfect. So I am trying the Stiletto (mens) which is most like the Lazer but it a mens. I can get a smaller shoulder since it is a Zeagle, so I am confident that one of these will fit. ST has been great about working with me remote since I can't try these on locally.

10-23-2008, 12:24
I had the chance to check out another person's medium Lazer and it looked like it was of fabulous quality. The medium was a wee bit too big, but it was much better than my current (and I'll keep it nameless) BCD.

Thank you for your assessments Zenagirl and Lulubelle!

Well looks like I might be holding off on buying anything at the moment as the Canadian Dollar just took a tumble. Darn, if only I had bought a couple of months ago.

10-23-2008, 19:01
Just to clarify:

The Zeagle Lazer is a Buoyancy Compensator, not an actual Laser Beam device. Those are much more pricey.