View Full Version : The DEMA thread

10-21-2008, 10:52
I'm surprised that no one has started a DEMA thread so that those attending the show can give us the latest and greatest happenings from the convention. Hopefully, some participants will be able to chime in.

ScubaToys Larry
10-21-2008, 14:29
Well, the Rivera is nice.... :smiley2:

Just got in this morning with Joey, and we had breakfast with Dan Emke, (president of Oceanic/Aeris) and ran into Mike Hollis as well when checking in. There is an Oceanic/Aeris meeting and get together tonight that we will attend, and the show actually starts tomorrow. I'll keep you guys updated on what we find!

10-26-2008, 10:53
While I was at DEMA, I saw someone who looked suspiciously like Scuba Toys Larry's avatar. So I took a chance and introduced myself and asked him if he really WAS Larry. It turns out he was. He then asked me if I thought that the avatar was a good representation of him. I told him that he actually looked much better than the avatar. ( I felt a little guilty about lying to him. :smiley13:)

I thanked him for starting the Scuba Toys forum and complimented him on the fine service that Scuba Toys offered their customers. But I complained about the fact that he sucked up all of my disposable income. He aplogized. (Although I got the sense that there was a little bit of insincerity in his voice.)

We then had an nteresting conversation about Chuuk/Truk lagoon. It is on my list of "Want To Dive" and Larry had recently done the dives. It was a brief chat but very enjoyable.

Thanks Larry.