View Full Version : August 15, 2007 Nitrox Class

08-16-2007, 13:45
Thanks to Greg for having a great class and making sure that we all understood the formulas and tables and left feeling comfortable about what we were doing.

I am excited to try out nitrox on my dives in October in Bonaire.

This is my second class (OW 07/05) with Greg.

Joe & Larry Thanks for having great instructors for us.


08-16-2007, 21:06
I'm so jealous that you can not only walk into the store, but that you can train with these guys. Some people have all the luck! ;)

You'll really notice the difference nitrox makes when you're doing repetitive diving. Although we didn't "need" it on our liveaboard trip this summer, we sure noticed a huge difference in nitrogen loading when the nitrox membrane went down and we had to dive the last 3 days on air. It stunk.