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saltwater newbie
08-17-2007, 06:28
Has anyone ever tried a NRS wetsuit for diving or had a custom made suit from Liquid Fit? NRS seems to advertise more for kayaking and other water sports so I am not sure if there is a reason they may not be made for diving....anyone?

08-17-2007, 12:42
Never tried a NRS wesuit. I know that Liv7301 has looked into getting a custom suit. Maybe she can help you out a little more.

08-17-2007, 13:58
I had a friend who SWORE by her liquid fit... LOVES it.. I prefer Henderson myself

02-08-2008, 21:54
Nope not I, hey I thought it would be fun to dig up the last post and resurface it.

02-21-2008, 21:45
Never tried those. Mine is a Thermaglide TG3 and it is the most amazing wetsuit Ive ever put on. It goes right on and right off and is a tad warmer than the average wetsuit. I didn't see one at ScubaToys - but maybe they'll stock them if there's an interest

Li'l Castaway
02-29-2008, 16:18
I, personally, did not have a good experience with Liquid Fit. I live in SE Florida so made the 1 1/2 drive to Key Largo to Liquid Fit and got measured there instead of doing it myself. Actually, the owner measured me. The suit did not fit. The knee pad came above my knees - first they said that wasn't a problem because most people don't even use them. I told them besides looking funny, I might use them. They were going to fix that by add more pads. The legs were too short - they said that wasn't a problem if I wore higher boots. (I didn't want high boots!) The chest was too tight and the arms didn't fit right. They have the product made, I believe, in CA, so blamed them. I drove down again and to get re-measured. They decided the suit could not get fixed to "my satisfaction." They had given me a good price because I had used discontinued material and that was gone. They never offered to make me another suit with the discount. They then said that I probably wouldn't be satisfied because I was picky. At that point, of course I just wanted my money back. They never took responsibility for the suit just not being made correctly. I would have understood that and just been happy with it being re-made.

Obviously, I would not recommend Liquid Fit.

02-29-2008, 17:02
I've never heard of NRS, but I will say the above post is the first really negative one I've read about LiquidFit. I've only heard raves about how great they are, in the past.

As to kayaking shops, I'd be leery, as kayak and surf suits don't serve quite the same needs as scuba suits, which have to deal with compression and other issues that surface suits don't.