View Full Version : Recent forum posts on main page.

11-03-2008, 08:46
On the main Scuba Toys page there used to be a list of the 10 most recent posts to the forum. I just noticed that it was no longer there. Did anyone else notice this or did I do something crazy to my browser?

ScubaToys Larry
11-03-2008, 08:49
Yea, it used to be there, but it is repeated on so many pages, I didn't want to clutter the home page with it - if you click on the button for the forum you get to this page: Scuba diving forum and scuba diving discussion board (http://www.scubatoys.com/forum.asp) and that has it. I also removed the video thumbs from the home page - but again, it's on the other pages... or just go to the forum to see what's on the forum!

11-04-2008, 06:22
Thanks for that update....I was wondering about that myself.

11-06-2008, 23:03
just set the main forum page in your favorites so that you dont have to worry about that