View Full Version : Halcyon light repair/mods

11-06-2008, 16:34
Hi all,
Bought an older Halcyon can light off Craigs list. It is said to have been flooded and sent back for repairs. Said to have a new bulb. Tested the battery and charger and both seem not up to snuff.

Can you recommend the best place to buy new batteries and charger, or at this point would you recommend any mods to upgrade? I am handy with a soldering Iron and schematics, if not spelling.lol

I have located the batteries on line, but understand "freshness" is an issue with Lead Acid batteries.

11-06-2008, 16:42
There's a quick/cheap way to convert SLA battery can lights to NiMH. You can get 4.5Ah 12v NiMH packs at BatterySpace.com/AA Portable Power Corp. Tel: 510-525-2328 (http://www.batteryspace.com). If you don't want to go that route, a good SLA source is BatteriesASAP / Power Factor Inc. (http://www.batteriesasap.com/)