View Full Version : Mansfield Dam- Lake Travis Nov 9, 2008

11-10-2008, 22:32
Interesting couple of dives. Arrived at about 10:20- very little wind, the water was extremely clear 15-20+ feet. Temp was 73 at the surface, 70 at 80 feet with lower vis as we descended. After our dive, we took an hour SI, the wind had picked up and you could see the milk stirring up from the top of the stairs. It was cloudy at the shore, but not as clear as the first dive. Odd how the viz could change so dramatically in such a short time. We were wearing 3 and 5mm suits. My 5 was just getting a bit "cool" after a couple hours in the water. One more set in Lake Travis, then on to Playa, Cenotes, and Cozumel the week of Thanksgiving. Woo hoo!

11-11-2008, 08:49
We dove the face of the Dam on Sat. Vis was an amazing 20+ ft at 80ft. We hit the sailboats on the dam wall, then moved down to 75ft and swam along the drop off, which turns into a neat overhang.
Vis started deteriorating at 100 & was soupy at the thermocline at 105.
Temp was 70 above the thermocline. I didn't look at my computer when at 100, but I was still nice and warm in my drysuit. :smiley2:

All in all great day of diving.