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11-15-2008, 08:52
Well i just ordered my P-Valve again so HOPEFULLY I will get it soon. Anyway, I would like to put a quick disconnect on it and I have a question for those of you that use them.

Do you like a QD with with a check valve, or ones without? If so with a check valve do you haev a QD with a check valve on both the male and female sides or just one? I know alot of times you need to buy a different tube to work with the QD, so do you just buy some plastic tubing from a hardware store or is there a real benefit to using the Norprene tubing that I have read about in other threads?

If you do not like a QD please tell me why?


Jack Hammer
11-15-2008, 13:35
I haven't got my P-vavle yet, but when I do a QD is a must. I used to race motorcycles and we put them on all our bikes so when we pulled the tank off, fuel wouldn't spill all over us or onto a hot exhaust - you get the idea.

I didn't want fuel spilling or dripping all over me then, I don't want pee spilling or dripping all over me now. Get the one with the check valve and clean it regularly.


11-15-2008, 13:41
No check valve here. Just dont need one.

I prefer to KISS on my P valve :smiley5:

11-15-2008, 14:44
I prefer to KISS on my P valve :smiley5:


11-16-2008, 07:01
That's funny. I don't have a check valve on mine either. I just take care when I disconnect it and a small cloth will be plenty for what you need. A check valve would require a little extra effort to punch through and to be honest I want as little restriction as you can get. Makes me feel better about the condom. Never had one blow off but a buddy has and he peed his drysuit.

Speaking of which, I've got to order some more Rochester Widebands? Anybody know of any places with good deals on them?

11-16-2008, 17:56
Anybody know of any places with good deals on them?

I had ordered the trial from rochester and I think that I am going to stick with them, I called them and was asking for a dealer around me and they had none... They did tell me that the VA hospital has them. So the next time I am down around there I am going to check with them and see what the cost would be from their pharmacy. If it is a good deal I will let you know.


11-16-2008, 22:39
I just done my first dives with a p-valve. It's unbalanced and I think I'd actually prefer to NOT have the QD. Why? Well, with one hand, I'd have to thread the tip of the cath onto one part of the QD and then push that piece into the part on the valve. That's just to many motions.

As Matt said, a small piece of cloth helps to catch dribbles and you are good to go. I just need to find a large syringe to "flush" my valve out after every use. I'll start a new thread later for that. Hopefully the basic water flush with suffice for now.


11-17-2008, 11:52
Mwhities--in Walmart, they ahve clear bottles like for ketchup or mustard. I use that, the tip fits well in the tubing, and I squirt 1/3 to half the bottle through the tubing each day of use. 50/50 vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

If ya'll use medium widebands, I'm ordering a box of 100 and don't need them all...will be selling some of them :)

fire diver
11-17-2008, 12:21
No check valve here. Just dont need one.

I prefer to KISS on my P valve :smiley5:

OK, that is wrong on so many levels, yet is undenably true.