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11-18-2008, 15:47
Date: November 15 2008
Dive Location: http://www.divealabama.com
Buddy(ies): Adam (nephew), Rita and Gordon (video)
Time: 10AM
Bottom Time: 52 minutes
Max Depth: 40ffw
Vis: 20/30
Wave height: None
Temp at depth: 39 minutes
Surface Temp: 68F
Tide information: None
Gas mix: 21%
Best moment: Diving with my nephew. Getting to dive.
Things to do differently next time: Wear thicker/more undies. Use less air in the dry suit.
Comments: Had a great time. First "open water" dive with doubles. Was a little worried from all the horror stories I heard but, overall, it was a great dive. Stayed above 40ffw as Adam is only certified to that depth. (SSI Junior). Trim was WAY off since my feet were quite heavy. (Maybe the tanks?) If I tried to add air to my feet I would get really light footed and would get scared that I'd do a feet first ascent so, I kept most of all the air out of my feet. Just enough air to keep the squeeze at bay.

Practiced the last part of the dive on the 15' platform and tried to get and stay trimmed. No luck.

Don't laugh to hard.. remember.. only my 5th dry suit dive, first HP130 dive and first time carrying a light in a dry suit with doubles on.

ABWA 11-15-2008 on Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/2258621)

Be easy on me. (I'll get more videos up when Gordon sends them to me on dvd.)