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11-25-2008, 19:17
Chastise me if you wish but...

My poor Oly 5060 sits on a shelf in the other room waiting patiently for her next trip to the water's edge and next dip into the cool inviting water. Little does she know that I have been seduced by another. Not even another Oly but a Canon. A new in the box G9.

Why, why would I do such a thing to my stready underwater companion. At least it wasn't beauty that turrned my head. It was a combination of things. A real hot shoe to which I may attach my Canon speedlight with my off camera synch cord for land use. There may be grandkids some day and for now pictures of the dogs and nieces mand nephews with nary a hint of red eye. There is also Camera Raw that actually works with Photoshop. A tad less shutter lag is kind of nice too. Then there was something else--its figure 332$ for it, new and in the box and shipped to my door, sealed and not abused or cursed yet. Still unblamed for my indiscretions with use of the shutter or camera shake or an unfocused subject.

Our next planned trip is almost a year, so there is time for the S word(S-A-V-E). Yes it is a four letter word so I didn't actually say it, but on the other hand saving enough for all the goodies I would like and paying for two weeks in the Maldives is probably not going to happen. The air has already jumped at least 400$ each for the two of us.

My questions put to you folks are do I buy the Patima housing and use my current ys100, tray and arms and go with the TTL flash or go with the Canon housing and spend the money on an additional ys110 some generic arms and maybe a wet wide angle lens? I read a post on one of the forums about making an adapter from a step down ring and while I am not a machinist I can do wonders with a sheet of emery cloth and a glass plate. It is only aluminum and will flatten out pretty quickly.

Advantages of Canon housing
Readily available
Fiber optic connection don't leak
I have seen one up close and it will fit into my laptop backpack with the camera and flash and get by as a carry on
I can get the housing, strobe arms, used strobe and we lens for about the same cost as the Patima housing

Advantages of Patima Housing
Rated for deeper than I will ever dive
TTL connection
Aluminum casting will outlast me and the camera

My thoughts
I have never pushed the limits with the current Oly housing. If we are going deep I leave it on the boat. If it this concerns me too much an Ike housing is available but they are much bigger and the carry on factor my be eliminated
I have had backscatter and too little light. Two strobes is more light and a bit father away the backscatter should lessen
With my current carry-on situation my wife would need to carry on one flash but everything should get carried on
I tried one of the add on wet lenses on the Oly this year and it was really nice.

I am leaning toward the Canon housing.

And then there is the Oly to deal with
The Oly housing
The 5060
a dry wide angle lens with a wide angle flat port for it
a telephoto converter never used
The adaptor that connects the two lenses to the camera
A Sea and Sea ys-15 strobe and the compact tray and arms

Am I better to sell the pieces on Ebay as a set or piece them out.
If anyone has an idea of their worth I'd appreciate your thoughts on that as well

Any thoughts from folks a bit more experienced would be appreciated.

jim morus

11-25-2008, 19:24
"Bundy, Bundy....
Sorry, wrong forum.

11-25-2008, 19:25
Would you give the Ikelite housing a consideration?

11-25-2008, 19:30
Congratulations on your new camera

my canon a series cameras were lest than 1/2 the price of your g9 but i have never had an issue with my canon housings. they've probably been a mite deeper than the rated depth too. you could always get insurance with the money saved

11-25-2008, 21:33
I would look at the Ikelite also:

1/2 the price of a Patima.
Ikelite accepts wet lenses where I believe the Cannon housing wont (oval lens instead of circular)
Ikelite offers TTL with Ikelite Strobes.
Alot more solidly built than Canon factory housings.
Large range of arms and trays to accpet the ikelite.

I moved from an Olympus housing for my 7070 after I flooding it and went to an Ikelite. Yes it is a little bigger than the factory housings but you can easierly see the extra strength and build quality over the cheap plastic factory housings. I packed my 7070 in ikelite in a pelican case which was the largest for carry on with no problems.

I would personally keep away from factory housings and put the money towards either like a Ikelite or a more professional type of housing (depending on your budget).

Regards Mark

11-25-2008, 21:35
Also there is still alot of people that are big fans of the 5060 so maybe you can sell your old girl on ebay or similar and make some money on her and put towards your new setup.

I did this with my 7070 and was surprised with the money it went for.

Just a thought.

Regards Mark