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11-25-2008, 19:48
Here's a link some may find interesting. Scuba Slang and Technical Terms (http://wrolf.net/scuba_slang.html#alphaflag)

11-27-2008, 08:47
artificial spit: Small bottles of liquid purchased at exorbitant prices by divers who do not know better to keep their masks defogged. Made by having divemaster candidates fill small bottles with REAL spit.

Thanks for the link!

11-27-2008, 09:28
Now this could be an amusing thread to keep going. Can't think of any to add myself, but I AM on the lookout for a term to describe someone that dives your steel 100, forgets to fill it again, then when you notice the night before I dive tells you "no worries bro, I got a half-full '80 in the shed somewhere that you can use".

11-27-2008, 09:31
I know what to call someone like that:



11-27-2008, 14:44

Hadn't heard some of these.

NAUI National Association of Underwater Instructors (http://www.naui.org/).
Not Another Underwater Idiot.
Need Another Underwater Instructor.
PADI Professional Association of Dive Instructors (http://www.padi.com/).
Put Another Dollar In.
Pay And Dive Immediately.
Patches Available During Instruction.
Produce Another Dumb Instructor.
Patch and Dollar Industry.
Patches And Decals Included.
Pissed-off Another Dive Instructor.

11-27-2008, 19:47
funny link, and i like the ab(2) entry :)

sea princess
11-27-2008, 20:00
Thanks for sharing the link! Very funny. I loved the Brail dive since i have done a few of those. and these two:
dive babe Woman who is a real diver - opposite of a chick
dive chick Female diver who puts on make-up; brushes hair; has her boyfriend assemble her kit; and then has him carry it to the water before doing her dive.

Last dive trip one gal was reappling her make up after each dive! I don't think anyone told her diving was not a glam sport!

11-30-2008, 20:24
This was my favorite:

BWRAF PADI training acronym: "Begin With Review And Friend". Alt: "Bad Women Really Are Fun"; "Big White Rabbits Are Furry"; "Boogie With the Rich And Famous"; "Bruce Willis Ruins All Films".