View Full Version : Review: HeinrichsWeikcamp Digital Adapter 2

11-26-2008, 14:08
Here's a little gadget I've been using for some time and thought I would review it.

It's a HeinrichsWeikcamp Digital Adapter 2

Here's their website that can probably explain it better than I (won't keep me from trying though):
HeinrichsWeikamp GbR (http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/en/)

Basically it allows a strobe that would normally require an electrical signal to be fired by a compact camera's flash. So in the simplest sense it is an optical to electrical adapter. But it's also microprocessor controlled to ensure it fires when it's supposed to be fired and quenched when it's supposed to be quenched. So, in a sense it allows optical TTL (sort of).

We've taken about 300 pictures with 2 different adapters and it has never not fired when it was supposed to. It works exactly as advertised. There are two issues with it:

It is pricey the only place in the States that I know of that sells it is reef photo (great store by the way), it's $159! Unless you already have a strobe or can get one cheap, the price of the adapter makes it an expensive proposition
Heinrichs-Weikamp Optical Digital Adapter for Nikonos Sync Cords [hw.da.o.n] - $159.00 : Reef Photo & Video!, The Underwater Photo Pros (http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=135_74&products_id=900)

It's a little tricky to mount. If you buy from Reef, they will send some heavy duty velco but I have not yet permanently mounted it. It's very sensitive and doesn't need much flash to fire so I just bungy cord it to my housing. I think my evaluation phase is over and will have to re-think my mounting options.

So who or what is a good candidate for using this little gem? If you have a pre-digital era flash that fires off the nikonos (5 pin) or Sea and Sea (4 pin) standard and want to use it with a P&S camera this will do it. Make sure you order that right one. If you can get your hands on (ebay or elsewhere) a pre-digital strobe for cheap, this might be for you. I purchased S&S ys-60/n directly from S&S a while back and I could not be happier.

I hope this helps somebody.