View Full Version : Valhalla missle silo for training?

12-06-2008, 13:17
Hi, I was reading a couple posts on the Valhalla silo...so my LDS is offering a trip for deep diving and alittude diving classes.. now my only problem is the water temp is a constant 60 degrees:smiley5: and I'm not happy about all the stair climbing...my thighs are weak!! I read that you had to be in good physical shape? "how much do you have to bench press" so if I can use the stairs at Macy's "parking lot" to 5th floor ladies formal dresses? can I still make it at this silo? and I hate the stairmaster at the gym!! Is the climbing a BEAR with all your gear on your back? should I hire a sherpa :smiley36: so will my 5mm wetsuit and hood be good? Now I want some cheese to go with my "wine"

anybody have any experience with the silo? I'm a sissy girl!!!

12-06-2008, 13:30
If you do not like climbing stairs in and out of the silo (lots!), and then fully geared up going down another set of steps to the dive platform.....you will def. not like this location! The water is def. cool and dark. It is a great 'log book' type dive experience though. It is just barely higher than 1000ft elv. so it does tech. qualify for altitude diving but not by much.

12-06-2008, 23:02
Be sure your knees are in good condition, climbing in full scuba gear is very hard on them. In this case, I would opt for an AL80 myself and a wetsuit.