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12-07-2008, 12:03
im lookn to be a rescue diver but not to sure how to join one can anybody help.:smiley_scuba::smiley_scuba:

12-07-2008, 12:51
So you mean that you want to earn a rescue certification from one of the training agencies, such as PADI, NAUI or SSI?

Or, do you want a job as a search & rescue / public service diver for a fire or police department?

12-07-2008, 14:48
If you already have the training you can volunteer at your local PD or FD. If not then you can get training from agencies like ERDi (http://www.tdisdi.com/index.php?site=4) and others. It's not easy work to do!


12-07-2008, 15:56
For me I don't want to do that kind of work under water where I can't see what I'm getting into. I've done SAR work for about 16 years now and in that time I've seen some things that you just don't want to be involved with, but I could see it and prepare myself before I got to the scene. Personally I do not like seeing a young child dead. It's very difficult to deal with the thoughts when you relate that to yourself and family. They have programs like CISM that are relatively new and can help out, still it's not easy to see that sort of thing. I never had an issue with adults because I can see it as they've led a full life and it's making room for somebody new, but a child, they've yet to live and that is what makes it hard. I don't care to deal with it anymore. I am appreciative of those who do the underwater work, it's something I just can't do.

12-08-2008, 20:58
If you plan on volunteering with the PD or FD, I'd check with them first. I've done work in the past and around here I've volunteered with other divers when the PD gave up. However, they do not accept volunteers into the ranks. It was explained to me that they receive Federal grants and if they take volunteers they would be at risk of losing their grants.

This may not be true everywhere, but around here they won't take you nor will they give a thanks if you find someone after they give up. Sorry for the bad attitude, but I've grown tired of hearing we need to volunteer and then being turned away because they will lose my tax dollars.

I will say that if your PD or FD is nice, it can be rewarding work since you are giving a family closure. However, as mentioned, you will see things that you wish you could forget.


12-08-2008, 21:30
I am not formally trained in Public safety diving nor am I a public safety diver. My knowledge comes from a seminar/presentation I saw from the International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery (http://www.iucrr.org/) and from my expeirences/training as a volunteer firefighter/first responder.

1) Public safety diving is much more like commercial diving that it is rec diving. Crime scene preservation, evidence collection and hazmat make it a much more risky proposition.

2) I have seen (and smelled) some things I never want to see/smell again.

3) Dive team around my parts almost always do recoveries not rescues.

I personally would gladly volunteer my services if I thought rescue was still even remotely possible and I could do it in relative safety to myself. I am also willing to use my advanced training in deep, ice and overhead diving to assist in 'clean water' situations. I have no desire for 'grey water' or 'black water' diving/wading. As a volunteer FF and 'in the system', there is a very remote chance they might call me (or people I know) for really deep quarry stuff but the last time they had something (80ft deep quarry), they used the DNR and sonar rather than divers and then brought in a state dive team to do the recovery.

12-09-2008, 06:18
If the whole rescue diver thing doesn't work out you can always dive for golf balls in Florida!

12-10-2008, 00:33
I was invited to join the local regional dive team. I've been a FF/EMT for 17 years. After giving it some serious thought, I decided not to accept the offer. Diving is my getaway. I didn't want to mix business and pleasure, so to speak. ;)

12-10-2008, 18:18
I was offered a spot on the local team as well, but it's bad enough when you can see it, I don't want to bump into things I can't see. Some of the stories of how they use bags to put parts into are horrific, I can not imagine doing that and sleeping ever again. It's the worst job on Earth IMO, but somebody needs to do it.

I've seen dismembered people in crashes before, but I never had to pick the parts up and bring them back. That is too much for me to handle and as a rescue diver or PSD you will be called upon to do that work. If it was a small child I'd never be right again which is why I can't do this.

As I said, I appreciate those that can do this more than I can say.