View Full Version : Muck Divers Invade Bonaire

12-15-2008, 05:58
Just got back from Bonaire - What a wonderful time. Mermet Springs organized the trip and 53 divers made the trip. I have to tell you that Glen and his staff did a great job with organizing the event. Several group leaders were assigned to the trip and definately made sure that everybody was taken care of. I would highly recommend taking a trip with the Mermet Crew. They do a Bonaire Trip every July and December along with some live aboard trips throughout the year.

Averaged about 4 dives a day at various shore sites around the island. Water temp was 82 degrees. Weather was outstanding in the 80's all week (not the ice and sleet we have now in the midwest).

Saw several octopus's, squid, multiple salt water fish, and wow - Eagle Rays!!!!

Stayed at the Sand Dollar Resort. Great accomodations and really geared toward diving (pretty much the whole island is).

If you haven't made a trip to Bonaire, it is great. If this is in your future you might check out what Mermet Springs has to offer for trips.

By the way, check out my photo album link for updated Bonaire pic's.