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12-23-2008, 07:21
Stabbed and butchered: Japan's secret dolphin slaughter

TAIJI, Japan (4 Dec 2008) — Less than 300m from (an aquarium) with leaping dolphins, a group of Japanese fishermen continue to slaughter thousands of the highly-intelligent ocean mammals every year.

Welcome to Taiji – For the next four months, Taiji's 26 dolphin hunters will run an increasingly secretive operation to fill its government-sanctioned quota of 2300 dolphins.

Any pods — which can include newborns and pregnant mothers — that pass by the Pacific Ocean town south of Tokyo can be herded, captured, killed and butchered.

The fishermen's co-operative will earn about $600 per animal before meat packs are sold in supermarkets to the dwindling number of Japanese consumers still keen to eat dolphin.


Unlike Japan's international whaling shame, what takes place in Taiji happens largely without debate.

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