View Full Version : Woe and Sixteen- A Salute to the Detroit Lions

12-29-2008, 11:44
I just wanted to say thank you to my Detroit Lions for a wonderful 0-16 season. As many of you have become just become aware of, there is still a football team in Detroit; a sucky team, but a team none-the-less. I as well as many of my fellow Michiganders would love to have a season like Dallas. Even with the choking that occured in Philly yesterday, their season was about 100 times better than what we have seen in 8 years. God how I miss mediocrity...

Sorry for the rant that doesn't make any sense, but I am at the point where I have to find a new team or something. At least I have college football and the Wolverines up here doing decently...oh wait...

12-29-2008, 11:52
My favorite is the Raiders winning one of their few games of the season to knock Tampa Bay out of the playoffs.

12-29-2008, 12:31
You may be depressed up north but down here in Atlanta we could not be happier with our Falcons. After the whole Michael Vick incident and a horrible season last year our rookies came out and played their hearts out! See you in the playoffs!

12-29-2008, 12:36
At least the Lions had a perfect season. Go Team.

The Lions. One of the reasons that I left Michigan.

12-29-2008, 14:08
Barbados - As a fellow Michigan football fan, I completely feel the pain in this posting.

Personally, I have a theory that the team decided that mediocre was no longer acceptable. It takes TALENT to go 0-16. Statistically, it is almost impossible to believe.

Only two teams get recognized during post-season. The team the won the Super Bowl and the team that sucked the worse during the season. We shall be remembered now during the post-season baseball and golf highlights.

Maybe, just maybe, Ford Sr. will realize he is the weakest link and sell the team.

12-29-2008, 14:36
The worst part about it is that I can't have any fun with fans of other teams because mine is so bad. It would always revert to somebody uttering this simple line: "0-16".

I mean we have the Red Wings, but nobody cares about hockey. We have the Pistons who don't know what they are doing yet, and the Tigers, who are an extreme wild card that just emerged from Lion like suck-ocity. My only ray of hope was CMU's football team, and they lost in a bowl game to a school that has had a football team for less time than I have been out of high school...lame.

To all you other sports fans: On top of having the worst employment situation, and failing infrastructure in the state, does it seem foolish that a population of a state would try to latch on to a sports team as a way of distraction? What do we do when our crappy team puts in the crappiest of all crap performances ever?!?:smiley11:

12-29-2008, 14:57
I can understand your pain.

If it makes you feel any better, you don't have exclusive rights to the football futility awards this year. My boys, the KC Chiefs, just went 2-14 which is the worst record in the entire history of the franchise.

As if that wasn't enough, they also set the record for the fewest sacks in a season in NFL history...ever.

The Chiefs play efense...there is no D here.:smiley19:

12-29-2008, 15:05
Sounds like your teams need a federal bailout...about $10 billion should do it!!! Have your team owners fly to Washington in expensive private jets, wearing $10,000 hand made suits, and ask for the money.

12-29-2008, 16:53
I mean we have the Red Wings, but nobody cares about hockey.

who doesn't care about hockey? I know you live up near Flint, but I'm only 12 minutes from HOCKEY TOWN USA and Believe You Me,

Hockey is alive and well in Detroit.

It is the only thing we have down here.

Long live Mike Illitch!

12-29-2008, 17:25
one thing probably worse than going woe-and-16 is a team having all that talent and not making the playoffs.... them dallas boys are a bunch of posers.

there! i said it. i've been a dallas fan and its disappointing to say the least.

im going with the steelers for this year's playoffs.

12-29-2008, 22:55
On a promising note, next year will almost have to be better. Hey, look at the Dolphins from last year, or Baltimore. Honestly I thought they had several of those games but let them slip away. Hey, we're Steeler fans, and even though they finished 12-4, some of those games were painful to watch.

12-30-2008, 04:40
While not 0-16, look at the KC Chiefs... They have been known to quite literally snatch defeat from the obvious jaws of victory... 11 points ahead and lose it in the last 2 minutes of the game, not once but four times!!!!

Got to go back to '73 for any meaningful season with them. At least Detroit had Barry Sanders for a good number of years.

12-30-2008, 13:47
"On a promising note, next year will almost have to be better"-SurfsideDav

Obviously you don't know the Detroit Lions. :smiley29:. They ALWAYS find a way to bone it up. They could actually do worse next year, because they won all of their preseason games this year and then followed it up by going 0-16. So I guess it is possible they could go 0-20 next year, if not likely.

gNats, don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE hockey fan, and still play on occasion, I am just saying in the grand scheme of things when I like to talk sports, nobody seems to want to talk hockey with me. I loved when I lived near Walled Lake and could skip college classes to cross the river into Windsor to have a beer and talk puck with the Canadians over there. But that was many years ago in the good days, when the Lions were going 5-11...

12-30-2008, 15:52
My favorite is the Raiders winning one of their few games of the season to knock Tampa Bay out of the playoffs.

Yeah but we beat you in the superbowl so there :)

01-20-2009, 21:51
I loved the award Shannon Sharpe received from James Brown during Fox NFL Sunday for having the worst picking record of anyone on NFL Sunday. He got a very large picture of the Detroit Lions team with the big 0 --- and -----16. They said yes their is still perfection in the NFL for the Lions, they came close to blowing their perfect record but held on and endured till the end....

01-24-2009, 20:18
Ah, the Lions... well, we kicked their ass twice and then hired their coach... for whatever that's worth.

Da Bears.