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H2O Skier
08-19-2007, 16:53
It looks like some of my friends from ScubaBoard (divergirl4u, the gooch, and others I'm sure) have already added this forum as another surface interval hangout. I've met a lot of great dive buddies over there and hope to add a few more here. We're a pretty active group of divers and I hope to cross paths with some of you along the way.

Give me a shout if you're ever looking for a dive buddy or want to come along on one of our beach dives.

- Dave.

08-20-2007, 18:55
Well hello Dave yes i have been looking around at other forums ... hey a girl can never have enough dive buddies ;)
Kim P

the gooch
08-20-2007, 20:36
Whats up Dave! Glad to see you over here.

H2O Skier
08-21-2007, 21:20
We've been tied up with our Rescue + EFR certifications (which we finish this weekend) so not much time for personal diving the past couple weeks.

What are ya'll up to for Labor day weekend? I have to fly on Tuesday so I'm limited to diving Saturday/Sunday. Otherwise I'm ready for a dive weekend if the weather cooperates.

- Dave.

the gooch
08-21-2007, 23:19
No plans for Labor day weekend yet---have anything in mind?