View Full Version : fun in pool

12-30-2008, 14:05
I was lokinga round and saw soemthing that looked like fun and it helped with breath hold and at least your in teh water.

Under the water they set up a net and each team had a weight ball. teh idea was like volleyball.

I am not sure how that worked but hey to looked like fun as was the obstacle course.

the other thing I saw was a frisbee designed for underwater use. But now I cant find it. I think that wodul be neat playing frisbee underwater.

do you think underwater lazar tag will ever develop?

12-31-2008, 19:02
I have played hockey in the pool with very short hockey sticks. and I have played catch with a heavy torpedo shaped toy. I have stood on my head and practiced all my skills ... just being underwater is so rejuvenating. Oh I think I'll practice blowing bubble rings next pool dive.
we have not dived for 3 months and we need to check out our gear and our skills so... it's off to the pool to warm up our skills before we head to Florida in about a week.