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Baseball Kid
12-31-2008, 14:43
Where are some good places to go diving in or around Utah?

12-31-2008, 15:00
I'm not sure where you are located but assuming the Salt Lake Valley or Wasatch Front:

Seabase, Tooele
The Crater, Heber
Blue Lake, Southeast of Wendover, NV
Bear Lake
Fish Lake
Lake Powell
Lake Meade

Some of these locations are altitude dives and require even higher altitude travel as you go over mountain passes. Think "flying after diving".

Have fun. Dive safe.


12-31-2008, 15:39
There is also a dive shop, Atlantis Divers out of Vernal Utah that dives in that part of the state including Flaming Gorge.

Landlocked Amphibian
02-04-2009, 21:30
Here (http://www.utahdiving.com/divesite.htm) is a link to a site with a lot of dive sites.